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Daniel Hill Really awesome storytelling of the fall and rise of Darth Vader, combining both great music and all the relevant references for nerdy folks like me. I love it! Favorite track: Anakin Skywalker (prod. Anywaywell Beats).


Happy Star Wars Day!

I've always wanted to do a track about the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, but from a first-person's POV. So I put myself in his shoes and decided to tell the story of Anakin and Vader from his own eyes!

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released May 4, 2018

Mixed and Mastered by John Carpenter at Thunderclap Studios




Ambush Vin Gary, Indiana

Ambush Vin scoffed at the notion that urban geeks can’t be taken as credible rap artists outside of niche genres, such as Nerdcore. He created Darth Prefectus, the original Star Wars-based track that urbanized The Force into a dark and grimy symphony.

His music became a reflection of the way he lived: urban and nerdy. This reflection led Vin to describe his brand of Hip-Hop as Sci-Fi Music.
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Track Name: Anakin Skywalker (prod. Anywaywell Beats)
I was only 9 years old not cold yet but I gotta life debt to a clown named Watto
Workin the junk shop hot as fuck but I can't stop no threats hollow
Mean what he say in the Outer Rim ain't no law it's all crime
Hutts on the grind on Tatooine but I'm unclean I'm all grime
Life ain’t kind no time to cry gotta earn respect I’ll take yo wreck
Don’t need the specs when I upgrade it to something that ain’t been seen yet
Moms slavin bravin the heat from the twin suns her only son
Never had a pops I’m a virgin birth she mated with midi-chlorians
Met the fam at the junk shop he broke as fuck but got a lightsaber
See the means to an omega parts for a hyperdrive generator
More than a fixer I’m a creator knew he a Jedi supposed to be good guy
Now he lookin at that the droid that I built took a blood test and raised his eye
Look surprised my force strong by the measurements I’m King Kong
That’s cool and all but I want off of this planet its been too long
Bet on me in the podrace cocky as hell beat all yall
Bitches. And I’m leavin wit a bad chick even got to meet a Sith named Darth Maul

I just wanna get off this planet and see the all the stars of the galaxy
Can’t nobody keep me from destiny feel the darkside testin me I got the force it’s goin balance me Anakin Skywalker

Yea I battled the Open and Closed with Obi-Wan
Padawan but I’m a vet you short and green you leprechauns
James Bond Jedi agent know I’m reckless but most occasions
Nothing get done that’s why I’m brazen did the math no calculations
Manifestation of the Force I’m the chosen one the prophecy
Tryna get it in with Padme but the Jedi Code cockblockin me
Nothin stop me when we get alone whirlwind romance neverend last dance
Put her in a trance but I can’t have emotions fuck that I’m a take tha chance
Ride or Die on Tatooine they took my mama want tha drama
Tusken Raiders I’ll kill you all now how you like that for some karma
Strap my armor now we gotta rescue Obi-Wan on Geonosis
My hypnosis don’t work on the natives but when we get captured I keep my focus
In the middle of the arena Dooku on the run like he got a subpeona
Boba Fett an orphan thanks to Mace Windu when he came thru the Jedi Cleaner
Double Teamin tha Sith Apprentice Yoda came thru and he handled business
Lost most of my right arm even though he got away swear I’m goin end this


All over the Galaxy they respect me cause I work hard take no intervals
Integral to the army nobody harm me can’t disarm a Got Damn General
It’ll be a miracle to survive the Clone Wars and not be destroyed
Everybody paranoid the void in the darkness points to a Sith Lord
Know I’m the shit why they hatin Jedi Masters they debatin
Put me on the council but I’m not a Master y’all mufuckas must be mistaken
Palpatine is the only one I respect the bond like a son
Instructions to my Padawan is what saved your life right Obi-Wan
Who killed Tyrannus? When the time came I’m the one did the honors
Visions of Padme make me ponder is Sheev right can death be conquered?
She pregnant with my seed please do I gotta get on my knees?
What you mean you know ways of the darkside mufucka all this time you decieved me?
Gotta see the Council gotta let em know about this revelation
Combination of information and confrontation. Altercation
Confirmation Sidious killed 3 now it’s one
Master Windu Tutaminis sliced his arm what have I done

Track Name: Lord Vader (Prod. Kamilson)

Force Choke you Rebel scum the Exterminator
I’ll make you bleed red make you match my lightsaber
I run shit fear me I’m a dictator
The Chosen One but you can call me Lord Vader

What have I done I’m fulfillin my destiny
Did this for Padme I gotta save my legacy
Beggin me to be your Apprentice now I call you Master
Bring disaster massacre you Jedi Bastards
I on care about no age they goin feel my rage
Now that I’m uncaged Darkside take the stage
I laid waste to all the younglings in the Jedi Temple
They just developmental this shit is too simple
I’m not sentimental my mental clear but I’m fuckin heated
Can’t be defeated the Separatists are no longer needed
Deleted most of the Jedi died it happened quick
Fuck them pricks execute Order 66
On Mustafar I see Obi-Wan leavin Padme’s ship
What the fuck Force Choke you disloyal bitch
I’m pissed ain’t no way around this you goin down
Drowned in the magma tryna kill you on the high ground


Cybernetics inherited the Sith is my Heritage
Where Padme (NOOOOO!) her death my inheritance
I hate myself more than anybody else
Keep myself in pain my self-hatred is heartfelt
Sidious mad he hit me with Force Lightning but I ain’t fightin
Expediting my quest to be a titan
Senses heightened wiping the Jedi outta space
Ask Master Kirak if Barash Vows keep you safe
I made his lightsaber bleed it belong to me
Cham Syndulla better run killer with no sympathy
I got no empathy death is my pink slip
Kanan dropped an AT-ST on me I ain’t even trip
Gave it a Force Lift Ezra Bridger look surprised
I don’t know why cause Real Sith don’t die
Try to drown me on Mon Cala fam I’m Darth Vader
Made the creature my bitch hand me my lightsaber


We meet again Obi-Wan but now I’m the master
Made you one with the Force finally close a chapter
After I see Luke now I’m in pursuit
Pissed that my own son and the Rebels in cahoots
Blew up the Death Star Palpatine blamin me
Sent assassins who think I’m no more than machinery
I killed the bastards do you know who you comin’ after
I need to find Luke task that to Doctor Aphra
Crash landed the Rebels thought it was gonna end
But all I’m surrounded by is fear and dead men
On Cloud City tryna add Luke to the roster
Obi-Wan never told you I am your father
We could rule the galaxy fuck Sidious
Tell my son to strike me down bitch are you serious
Redeemed myself killed Palpatine adios
Tell your sister you were right now Im a Force Ghost


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