Tales From the Multiverse Vol. I: Order 66

by Ambush Vin

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Ambush Vin launches the series with “Tales from the Multiverse Vol. I: Order 66” produced by DJ Radiohead. The title track,“Order 66”, paints an eerie, up-close and personal experience, with a dramatic attempt to escape Coruscant as Darth Vader and the Clone Army begins to execute Order 66. With features from: Aramis, TekForce, Ekaj, Ish1da, Le' Real, & Rhyme Artist, “Order 66” is already set to be a classic!


released February 7, 2016

Produced by DJ Radiohead
Featuring Aramis, TekForce, Ekaj, Ish1da, Le 'Real, & Rhyme Artist




Ambush Vin Gary, Indiana

Ambush Vin scoffed at the notion that urban geeks can’t be taken as credible rap artists outside of niche genres, such as Nerdcore. He created Darth Prefectus, the original Star Wars-based track that urbanized The Force into a dark and grimy symphony.

His music became a reflection of the way he lived: urban and nerdy. This reflection led Vin to describe his brand of Hip-Hop as Sci-Fi Music.
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Track Name: Order 66
Hiding in the temple when they gave the order saw the younglings the Anakin Slaughter
Tryna make it back to my son and daughter back on Hoth I'm a Sith Supporter
On Coruscant for one reason prove my innocence accused of treason
Not leavin till we Even Steven Nightsisters left em bleeding
I was an apprentice the former apprentice of an apprentice
I was decieved I can't believe this bitch gave me a death sentence
My mission was to steal a holocron from the Jedi Temple
It wasn't simple but I got it done when I felt the structure begin to tremble
I'm hearin screams and Im feelin death my force is cold
Stories told of a Sith Lord in my memories now unfold
I barely dodged that lightsaber turn around its Darth Vader
Consumed by hate Anakin is gone my power great but his force is greater
Lightsaber epic duel force lightning senses heightened
I gotta run no point in fighting I can't win throat is tightening
I can't breathe the clones are watching obedient I hear they blasters cocking
Use the force send a blaster bolt into Vaders back my body's dropping


Can't fall so I force leap to the next level disheveled
Really ain't the time for me to revel I gotta get away this dude's the devil
Pedal to the medal hijack a chick hop on her speeder out this bitch
Hear the radio crackling this actually happened I'm tryna get away from Order 66
I could see the carnage I'm not a Jedi the clones don't care cause I fought with they guy
Getting chased this shits a waste for one holocron I'm not about to die
I need an exit get the message to Hoth cause they think that I'm force-protected
Clones on my trail can't get arrested because I'm a threat I'll end up neckless
My daughters necklace around my wrist I gotta get thru this
Hundreds of Jedi headless in they last release you can't picture this
Clones turning on generals its murder ain't no intervals
I'm watching it all from the pinnacle with a somber look not cynical
Padawans young in the force became divorced from the life force
By the E-11 blaster bolt and the one's that lived got force choked
I gotta get to a space port, or a transport, I need hyperspace
Watched Palpatine lie to get his way and the Senate believed what he had to say


Can't get the images out of my head force-sensitive kid layin dead on the bed
Puddle of blood surround his body vultures circling overhead
Tryin to get fed gotta move on safety off you know I keep my heat on
Blaster bolts and my force choke through my Sith Cloak and they all gone
Now I start ta feel the coldness disappearing boldness hold the book of torture he wrote this
I can't keep my focus know the end is near what the clones doin now is atrocious
I'm wondering how I'm goin get off this planet damnit I'm tryin my best not to panic
I'm manic and granted I'm not strong enough to beat Vader can't stand it
I see the lights ahead from the Space Port so I sneak in
Bay 10 A-Wing and it's unmanned finally a win
I try to pretend that I don't hear the screams even though I feel like a coward
One scream is super close but so is Vader I feel his power
Turn the A-Wing toward the bay door block the force I don't wanna feel no more
Too late he got bait got a pregnant woman pinned on the floor
Out the A-Wing at the same time he was swinging his lightsaber
Saved the bitch but my throat slit now I'm a vic of Darth Vader

Track Name: Peter Venkman
When I put they ass in that Trapper Box
I-I-I ain't afraid of no hoe

I ain't never ran from no fight on the mic I'm a hardheaded cat and I eat blind mice
Cause you gotta blind, deaf or straight up dumb I'm only one man but you still outgunned
Outcome is always the same when you lames try to swerve to my lane
I might play games but thats as a gamer in real life I treat you like Bane
Solomon Grundy regeneration I could see you muthafuckas perspiration
The confrontation you backin away bitch that's confirmation
½ street but I'm all geek I'm Johnny Storm I bring the heat
Whether I'm in the booth or I'm in the street don't think its sweet my people speak
Every language I guarantee I'll make you question your sanity
Stand in vanity while I happily burn you now they doubt my humanity
Can't stand to be on the sidelines I gotta grind fuck likes and plays
What do views mean if you still stay in the same hood ain't getting paid
Ain't never slaved ain't never struggled whats your endgame you lookin puzzled
Find you on the wrong end of the muzzle words scrambled thats Ruzzle
I cuddle with death like Thanos fam ain't scared of shit I am the man
Got my proton pack take a step back and throw tha trap I'm Venkman

I ain't afraid of no hoe
I ain't afraid of no hoe
I ain't afraid of no hoe
When I put they ass in that trapper box
(repeat twice)

They think I'm scared cause I got a Fandom but little did they know I am the Phantom
And I'm random the way I end em I lyrically Iraq and Pakistan em
Peter Venkman got em thinkin tryna assassinate me like Lincoln
Poison in my cup you suspect I'm drinkin til your eyes start rapidly blinkin
Reverse that's audible cause you and this Earth ain't compatible
Don't cross the stream when I slide the trap and it break you down to your mandible
Animal but not tha Muppet pull your stringz y'all puppetz
Take you to the Ecto Containment Unit you're gonna love it
New dimension you surrounded by energy lifeforms you look astounded
Compounded sub-atomic crash neutrinos u getting pounded
Boundaries to my sci-fi they don't exist I'm cosmic
I was a hieroglyphic, cave pic, Inhuman breathin Terragen Mist
I'm blacklisted from galaxies I could walk between realities
Thru the Wormhole casualty I'm the Keymaster come to me
You cosmetic, prosthetic, I set the trap up to catch the fake
You took the bait so I flipped the script and I took you to where Ghouls lay


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