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You're here because you love Sci-Fi, Comics, Multiversal Incursions, and Rappers-who-don't-sound-like-other-Rappers, right?

Welcome to SciFinatik Fam, an exclusive group of Fams who know my ACTUAL story, but still keep my identity secret!

A long time ago, I became a Cosmic Enforcer when I was pulled through a dimensional wormhole (which mysteriously appeared at a gas station btw) by Spatium, one of the last of the Piereus.


Yeah...basically guardians of the League of Multiverses. They see everything from the Tenebris Platform in the Time Dimension.

Anyways...I was transformed into what-basically-amounts-to a Demi-God!

Yes, REALLY. Turns out, there are these really powerful beings, who used to be called Piereus called Mastigi. Their leader, Domini, escaped his Cosmic Prison, and proceeded to wreak havoc upon the Multiversal Continuity.

But, I threw a monkey wrench in his plans. He sent one of his Mastigi Enforcers, Subtilis, to destroy me! But, I'm not a Cosmic Enforcer for nothing. I beat the brakes out of Subtilis on Earth-Prime.

I even have footage of it! Watch the video on this page if you don't believe me!

After our fight and the ensuing war, I figured it would be in the Multiverse's best interest if I recorded everything that happened, just in case it happened again. So, I began to detail it all.

I rapped about my adventures, wrote an E-Book, and created a webcomic. I created a Canon Timeline (which you can find at complete with corresponding events and dates, in case this happens again, researchers in the future will be able to see how I stopped the Mastigi.

So, that's my story. What's yours? I am accessible to all of my Fam, so I want to hear it!

Hopefully, I get to listen to all of your stories as a SciFinatik Fam Club member.Admittedly, my reason for calling Club Members 'Fam' is selfish. It's because I don't just wany you as 'fans', I want you all to feel welcome and we become one big SciFinatik Family of outsiders!

The great thing about joining my Fam Club is you will get:

- Free Digital Downloads of FandomTape Vol. I, Tales From the Multiverse, and AniVader

- Exclusive Music & Videos

- New Sci-Fi Music E-Book Chapters

- Free 'Sci-Finatiks Only' Contests & Giveways for goodies like X-Box or Playstation games, Gift Cards, and Cash

- A 'Sci-Finatiks Only' Discount of 15% on Merch listed in Bandcamp Store

- Exclusive Photos and Digital Posters/Graphios

- A Subscription to my Mailing List, where there are even MORE Goodies & Free Music awaiting you

- and, a Friend/Cosmic Enforcer for life!

The Catch?

No Catch. I am not asking for monthly donations, or to buy anything. To be honest, I am only asking for the $5.00/per year fee to join the Fam Club because Bandcamp requires me to collect this as a Minimum Fee from you. I will NEVER ask you for a dime of your hard-earned money to finance my musical aspirations.

Yes, I will occasionally ask you to buy my products (strictly for your listening pleasure), or my merch, but I will NEVER ask you to pay Recording, Mixing, or Mastering Costs to continue to bring you Good Music.


I'm not knocking those who do crowdfund, just not my thing!

Feel free to E-mail me from the link on my Bandcamp Profile, or add me to your FB Messenger chats, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. But most of all...

Thank You for your support and I can't wait to call you Fam!

What you get:

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Ambush Vin
Gary, Indiana
Ambush Vin scoffed at the notion that urban geeks can’t be taken as credible rap artists outside of niche genres, such as Nerdcore. He created Darth Prefectus, the original Star Wars-based track that urbanized The Force into a dark and grimy symphony.

His music became a reflection of the way he lived: urban and nerdy. This reflection led Vin to describe his brand of Hip-Hop as Sci-Fi Music.

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