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This EP is my pre-release for the anticipated album, "SciFiMusic". 4 songs of original material that DARES TO BE DIFFERENT! If you are looking for the same-old clone music you hear on the radio, this EP is NOT for you!

I start off with "Darth Prefectus" featuring Silence. This is the Epic story of my alter-ego, "Darth Prefectus", a Sith Lord from Hoth. Silence laced the track with his ghoulish, gothic entity like vocals on the 1st verse.

Next, its time for "Revenge of the Nerd" and tells how I want to troll everyone who has ANYTHING negative to say about Nerd-dom "Revenge of the Nerd" has a dope Revenge of Shinobi sample that I spit on top of...and it was actually produced by my 14 year old son, D. Gibz (Watch out for Him!)

Track 3, Warp Drive, is the 2nd of my #acceptthechallenge songs. There are so many clones saying he same un-creative lines on the radio today, I felt I had to say SOMETHING! The part that REALLY gets under my skin is they diss the real lyricists as if they are lyricists themselves! Hence, the birth of the #acceptthechallenge series! I challenge ANY of them to challenge ME...just as I state on Warp Drive - "I'll challenge ANYBODY"

Track 4 is the title track of this EP, "Cosplayz", 32 bars on top of a SICK Moon Patrol sample dedicated to all the Cosplayers doin their thing worldwide! New Cosplayer theme!

This EP is dedicated to EVERYBODY who dares to be different from the rest of society. From Cosplayers to Goths, we all are GREAT in our own way! Thank you for supporting!


released April 8, 2015

All lyrics written by Ambush Vin. Darth Prefectus produced by DJ RadioHead, Revenge of the Nerd produced by D. Gibz, Warp Drive produced by Produced by Pamon, Cosplay produced by Ambush Vin and Produced by Pamon

Special shout out to Snazzii for letting me use her photo on the cover! You can follow her on IG @snazzyboxerz!

All tracks mixed by Produced by Pamon at Fastlife Studios


all rights reserved



Ambush Vin Gary, Indiana

Ambush Vin scoffed at the notion that urban geeks can’t be taken as credible rap artists outside of niche genres, such as Nerdcore. He created Darth Prefectus, the original Star Wars-based track that urbanized The Force into a dark and grimy symphony.

His music became a reflection of the way he lived: urban and nerdy. This reflection led Vin to describe his brand of Hip-Hop as Sci-Fi Music.
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Track Name: Darth Prefectus
Force lightning unplug yo power cord
Turn yo lights out I'm a Sith Lord
Darth Perfectus make sure they all die
Make sure they all feel the power of the Darkside

(Silence Verse)
It all started way before I came into my current form
Evacuations Earthquakes and Violent Storms
They tried to mimic me bury me as a result of my tyranny
As foretold in in Christian and Muslim prophesy
Aint no stopping me power has no limitation
I could've murdered John when he was writing Revelation
Rat infestations bubonic plague creations
Engineered the pyramids and banished all the caucasions
With mystic incantations Veteran of reincarnation
What you facin is worse than the myth you call Satan
I'm wasting my time being in human form
I'll tear apart your galaxy you've been warned
Extra dimensional Nobody Enter
My Space I leave you with dementia
Silence describes my distinction
Wipe humanity from the Earth extinction


(Ambush Vin Verses)
It all started wit the thunder cloud cover surreal scenez
Hoth Wampaz in ice caves and death flings
I was the king of the planet fore the invasion
The rebel station murdered my nation civilization
Was population one I was forced to live among
All the Outer Rim Beasts camouflaged myself with dung
I knew the day would come when I would come loose off the hinge
Avenge my peoples death time to begin my revenge
I felt a tinge of hatred didnt know its beginning
Until I start celebratin when evil started winning
And now I feel his presence (breathin) I aimed my blaster at you
Flung that shit right out my hand damn its that Vader dude
He got me force pinned can't move can't breathe
Chokin on my own blood took me down to my knees
My thoughts betray me the evil in my heart
Made the Sith Lord smile as the world went dark.


I'm nice with the lightsaber, I even rival Vader
We gotta keep it low from the Emperor he's a hater
Only supposed be 2 a master and apprentice
I'm plottin on makin it one when they both finished
Treachery travels through my mind all the time
I aint tryin ta hold back my Sith force don't bind
I watched from Endor the Death Star exploded
The Emperor is dead will Vader be promoted
Until I seen Luke carrying his Dad's body
I was hidin in the forest wit my laser beam shotty
I jacked his X-Wing took off to hyperspace
While they thought the Sith was dead and began to celebrate
I was plottin my course back to the outer rim planets
I'm goin come back in a way that the Jedi can't manage
Damage reputations and bring back the Federation
Darth Prefectus retaliation the end of a nation
Track Name: Revenge of the Nerd
It started wit Atari fuckin wit Vic 20z
Basic was the language we ain't have no money
For no damn Nintendo and I was getting jealous
Of all my lil fellaz started gettin rebellious
Living by the rich is a bitch we ain't have shit
Food Stamps, Government Cheese and Church Baskets
I was tryna keep up and be popular
Seein bitchez I couldnt pull ocular trauma
Mama used to beat my ass she old school
2 Switches tied together that was her main tool
I was tryin hard as hell ta fit in
Then but now I look around where the fuck my old friends?
Just another trend gone to the wind
And now I got hataz that wanna Ambush Vin
Cause I ain't trappin I'm snappin on every damn track
That mean I ain't real bitch explain that
I don't gotta put on a new face
Y'all put on makeup like thots tryna fit in place
Face it you basic I'm C plus
Plus I avenge the Nerd this Bloodlust

I'll Troll You
I'll Troll Ya Ass
I'll Troll You
I'll Troll Ya Ass
Bitch I'll Troll Ya Ass

I'll Troll You
I'll Troll Ya Ass
I'll Troll You
I'll Troll Ya Ass
Bitch I'll Troll Ya Ass

You can't troll a geek I dont care if u street
Cause its brains over brawn and your mind is weak
I really don't get myself I tried for a long time
To be stealth in a life of crime
Put on my mean mug thought I was thug
Hold the wall up at the club wit my Timz or Lugz
I even had a Mac that got jacked I got smacked
Tried to cook crack but I fucked up the whole batch
True story I can't make this shit up
Tried to do drive-by with the window rolled up
Robbed this white dude at the strip club
Then hung around the lot right in front of his truck
I was really fucked up and I guess I didn't care
And I guess he didn't either when he put me in the air
Tried to rob an old lady with a .45
Had to dip cause the bitch kept screamin out why?
Hoes tried to play me but I figured it quick
Manipulate they mind fore they even get the dick
I ain't forgot shit and now I got the urge
I'm bout troll yall ass revenge of the nerd
Track Name: Warp Drive
Yo my linguisticz is somewhat encrypted
Simplistic rap facists become ballistic
Hedonistic acknowledge your master
Treat me like Brad I'm Inglorious bastard
You whipper snapperz get snap backed
Your snapback holdz no IQ I dare you to snap back
You can't rap fam give it up your shits wack
Millions to make you Ion even need a rack
Mythological your thinking is illogical
Insult my biological clock bitch comical
Astronomical odds I'm like the Wizard of Oz
Its a long road to get to the god
You better keep travelin hope they open the Vatican
You need to be establishing sanctuary you panicking
Fam u aint sayin nuttin like a mannequin
Only hot sometimez call em sporadic man
You ain't the truth
My actionz speak louder than my words like the Blue Man Group
Hit you wit tha Pootie Tang I aint gotta vocalize
To make a number 1 hit bitch I'm in warp drive

I live in hyperspace, travel in warp drive
I'm from the future I ran tha Enterprise
Millennium Falcon destroy yo Empire
Burn yo galaxy live in Sci-Fi

I live in hyperspace, travel in warp drive
I'm from the future I ran tha Enterprise
Millennium Falcon destroy yo Empire
Burn yo galaxy live in Sci-Fi

Let me elaborate
I'm like the intake from sodium bicarbonate peruvian flake
when itz caked on the first date before its too late and the monkey becomes an ape
I'm that high you forever chase
I'll make you show your feelingz like emoticonz
And transform before your eyes like I'm Megatron
Mutilate you bloodsuckers before dawn
Rewind so tomorrow never dies the Black Bond
I'll embarrass you make your fanz abandon you
Suicidal what you change your Facebook status to
I'll challenge anybody no raincheckz
No matter what the bet I be makin it rain check
Ain't no originality
I put rap on a diet plan and I'm shedding you bad caloriez
In reality you ain't got no spit
I dont know what it is when ya soundin like this
If you rappin like this and you say you tha hottest
You ain't got swag mufucka you garbage
In geek terms bantha fodder
I'm tha face of the Empire Luke's father
Mufasa I'm the king of tha pride
You could never survive bitch I navigate in warp drive
Track Name: Cosplayz
Damn you lookin good as Wonder Woman
Make me play Mario lemme check your plumbing
Or I could be Batman and you could be Selena
I'm Judge Dredd lemme issue the subpoena
I like your blue hair Bulma but the way that ass
Looking make Vegeta give the Final Flash
Vampirella keep me tied in the cellar
The Penguin's been bad hit me with my umbrella
Shoe salesman Al & Peg Bundy
Beat it up strong when I'm Solomon Grundy
Your undies look sexy when you Ms Marvel
Read my thoughts Emma Frost lost my marbles
Never thought Id get a massage from Leia
In the same outfit that Jabba made her wear
Cosplay Harley Quinn she got the rope
And she like it rough Darth Vader force choke
7 of 9 got me wishin I could rewind time
On that ass thats right I can I'm the Flash
Caught in her web the Black Widow
Ant-Man when I relieve I get little
Except when I'm Iron Man and she Pepper
Then she could be splash woman and I'm Mega
Even better when we Lois and Clark
Cause I could use my X-Ray and still see in the dark
She even get old school Velvet Smooth
Roleplaying like the cops nobody move
I'm Nick Fury even sportin the eyepatch
Look at Chetara got the whip Thunder Cat
We get live we don't care what you say
Cause I could be a different mufucka everyday
I dont see the big deal against cosplayin
Liven your life up come fuck wit a Super Saiyan

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