Dragon Threat

from by Ambush Vin

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What if I came to Universe 7 of the DBZ Multiverse? Would I conquer? Or would I be enslaved by the likes of Beerus, Majin Buu, or Frieza? Could Goku defeat me? You'll have to listen to find out! But, remember...I AM a cosmic threat after all. I won't let it be easy!


I'm looking for Frieza tell em I'm the heater Power Scan way off the mufuckin meter
King Cold dead so fuck your leader kill em faster than the Son of Vegeta
Don't need Shenron don't need Porunga don't need a tail to go ape at full lunar
Humored when u let loose in your bloomers make you switch sides like Piccolo Junior
If you don't find the Dragonballs it's about to get bad for y'all
That's the only way to banish me can't finish me put down the alcohol
Let you gather the energy stand by while you build up your Spirit Bomb
You could barely hold it go head throw it Goku hit like a Soccer Mom
Open palm I barely slapped him one time didn't even really attack him
Now he beggin for a Sensu Bean tryna make it seem like he's the victim
Gohan mad so is Goten lookin at me crazy they know that they can't win
Disrespectin the Kame House tell Roshi it's time to throw them cards in
I could feel the anger I got them bangers but I'm a stranger
Don't know my weakness so they gotta train in the time chamber
Hyperbolic I'm narcotic my swig erotic Bulma lookin and so is Chi-Chi
They wanna be tooken away by Vin but they overlooking
Here to conquer can Babidi conjure a new Kid Buu to fuse wit Ubuu
I'm not worried they can't deter me warrior cosmic Zulu
Nobody know what to do they don't wanna give up like it aint over yet
Delusional this rap is so they know they fuckin with a Dragon level threat

Murder Shenron, Murder Porunga
Wish I woulda thought about this shit sooner
I go lunar when released
If you gather all seven, rest in peace

I'm the dragon, dragon threat when you gather all seven I appear
You release me and I'm in the sky, I own the night the threat's severe


Y'all think Beerus could really stop me catch him nappin he couldn't drop me
Supreme Kai don't have an answer don't try to stop me no one could top me
Worship me when you look up new residence at Kami's lookout
Now Mr Popo serve Vin that's the only reason I didn't take him out
Fuck the Androids and Dr Gero make him bow too to me they zeroes
Turn 18 back to an Android kill Krillin tryna be a hero
Regeneration Cell's weak don't need a kamehameha to defeat
All it take is a second for me to send a message leave the whole wreckage nothing's sweet
I'm the villain but not a villain the anti-hero in every movie like Rob De Niro
Nothing moves me I'm a statue Sub Zero
Leave bro or get turned to stone like Dabura spit caption this
64 frames drop 64 lames in the time that it took to say this
And I really mean the word this at his spot instant transmission
Listen to the mission eliminate everybody tryna plot no competition
I'm Sci-Fi I could rewind time to right before you lost
And help the other me's with the final boss yo scheme backfired Pilaf.
Yall soft like the Ox King when Chi-Chi around don't do a damn thing
Why would I be scared? I past Super Saiyan God I'm the King of the Ring
Y'all like Nappa versus Goku when he hit em with the Kaio-Ken
Cept when I hit you it's goin the be the end of your road call your ass Boyz II Men



from Dragon Level Threat, released July 28, 2016
Produced and Mixed by Pamon


all rights reserved



Ambush Vin Gary, Indiana

Ambush Vin scoffed at the notion that urban geeks can’t be taken as credible rap artists outside of niche genres, such as Nerdcore. He created Darth Prefectus, the original Star Wars-based track that urbanized The Force into a dark and grimy symphony.

His music became a reflection of the way he lived: urban and nerdy. This reflection led Vin to describe his brand of Hip-Hop as Sci-Fi Music.
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